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Bleeding Heart

A girl created based on the flower Bleeding Heart.


Bleeding heart

Hypercomic_Place to Belong

A Princess who was set in an arranged marriage with a Lord was initially disagreeable to the plan but was soon swoon by the good looks of the Lord and started spending time with him. Before long, they wed and the Princess, now Queen, gave birth to twins. The husband greed for power and for the throne, poisoned the Queen. However, the blood of the Queen changed her instead of killing her. Despair over her new look and the betrayal, she escaped with her children, leaving the husband without an heir as the throne can only be taken over by the royal bloodline.
Many years later, the Queen, now fugitive Naga, is living in an abandoned island with her children. Until a Minotaur sailed to their island and demanded for the children as ordered by the King, her ex-husband.
There are 2 choices to the ending, one will lead to the killing of the Minotaur which is the happy ending, while the other will lead to the death of the Naga which is the unhappy ending.

Looking for Rain

This is a project that combines 3D characters with 2D background and hosted on a html website.
The story of this project is that Rain is missing and it had caused the world to be too hot. Bella, the umbrella sprite was tasked to seek Rain out.

Lost Element

Lost Element is an android mobile application to enhance the learning of Chemistry. The target audience this app is intended to is Form 4 and Form 5 from secondary school, where they learn Chemistry for their first time. Chemistry may be difficult to many students because what is required of it is mostly memorizing.

Therefore, with that in mind, I came up with a project to enhance the learning experience and make the learning fun. The project is a edutainment game that uses the drag-and-drop action to play.

This project has 5 stages with 2 main stages and 3 mini stages. There are also additional pages of Experiment to mix the elements to form compound and Collection to list the elements in the form of cards.

Below are snapshots of the UI for Homepage, Stage UI, Stage 1 and Stage 2.



Below are the Youtube links to the walk through of Lost Element with voice explanation.

Lost Element Walk through part 1

Lost Element Walk through part 2

Lost Element Walk through part 3

Lost Element Walk through part 4